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Tuesday 20th October 2020 

Verse for the week - Hebrews 10:23-24

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who
promised is faithful. And let us consider how we may spur one
another on towards love and good deeds

Have you ever started something, perhaps a new hobby, maybe you have decided to go ‘sober for October’, or perhaps you decided that you needed to start a new diet. You get set up, start well, but then something happens and, within a couple of weeks, it all goes out the window?

I have known people who have been on and off diets for most of their adult lives. Each diet starts with all good intentions, they lose a few pounds and then along comes temptation, perhaps a celebration or party and all the weight goes back on and they feel that they might as well give up!

Yet other people find perseverance easy. They have a passion and dedication which is stronger than others. They plan ahead, putting things in place when pitfalls might happen; they are kind to themselves when they fall off the wagon, and somehow they manage to pick themselves up and start again

Sports people also appear to be good at persevering. Their lives are dedicated to their sport, and they are focused and determined to see things through to the end, hopefully to achieving their dream

I have parts of my life where I am very good at persevering. I chose to follow Jesus Christ as a young person aged 11, and I have been a follower of the Christian faith ever since, over 35 years – and I wouldn’t change a thing. There are other parts of my life, however, where I am not so good, like diets and hobbies for instance.

Sometimes we find it easier to stick to something if we have people with us, or maybe it is easy if we only have to stick with something for a short period of time. So I guess we can all recognise something of ourselves in both scenarios. We are all quitters and stickers with different things.

Today’s verse encourages us to stick to our faith, to persevere, to not only not give up, but to spur one another on towards love and good deeds. Being a follower of Jesus, being a disciple, is for life, not just for Sunday!

But how can we persevere in these days when there is so much darkness and depression around us. On days when all hope appears to be lost. On days when giving up looks, by far, the easier and better option!

I believe we can find help to persevere simply by coming into God’s presence in confidence, knowing that Jesus has made this access to the Father available to us all. We can trust God to be there for us and with us in all the turmoil, being certain that he has been there for us and with us in the past.

Look back over your life and see how God has held you and helped you through previous problem times and know that He can be trusted now too.

The hymn ‘Jesus is king and I will exalt him’ has a verse which states:

We have a hope that is steadfast and certain
Gone through the curtain and touching the throne
We have a priest who is there interceding
Pouring his grace on our lives day by day

Jesus is our great high priest, He is the one who has gone before us; He is the one who has taken our punishment and opened for us the gates of glory. It is Jesus who calls us on to the starting blocks; it is Jesus who stands at the finish line and calls us to persevere; and it is Jesus who stands along the path as we journey through our lives, cheering us along the way. Days may be difficult, but we can get through – together - with one another and with Jesus!

One of the ways I have seen people succeed in life, is when they do things with others. They have support, they have people to turn to when life gets in the way of the goal, and they have people who are there at the end who are thrilled with their achievements.

We too are called into relationships, not just with the people we get on with, but with all people who call themselves believers, and often, it is the person we least expect who will give us  the most encouragement along the way

So in these coming weeks as we see out 2020 and look forward to 2021, and hopefully better days ahead, let us do three things. Let us…

  • Hold to the hope we profess – that Jesus Christ is lord
  • Spur one another on – through phone calls, text messages etc
  • Keep meeting together – for as long as we are permitted

And in doing so, I really believe that we will get through this time in our history, and that we will be able to tell others that we did it with Jesus Christ, our Lord, our Saviour and our guide, and that we will grow stronger in our faith in the one who loves us and values us more than all the jewels in all the world!!

©Rev Bren Brundritt 2020

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